Patience is a Virtue

So today for the first time, I employed a completely chemical free shower routine.

I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible about DIY products, but I’ve got to say, as far as make-it-yourself cosmetics go, there are A LOT of duds out there. Today I tried a LUSH dupe for their incredible Big shampoo. To be perfectly honest, it smelled rough, but the basic formula seemed pretty close so I’m going to mark it down as in the ‘Will Try Again’ column.

The recipe is as follows:
14 Tbs. Course Ground Sea Salt
1 Cup Unscented Castile Soap (I used Dr. Bronner’s)
3 Tbs. Fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 Tbs. Sweet almond oil
1 Tbs. Castor Oil (This stuff smells FAR from pleasant, so add extra essential oils if needed)
5 Drops Rosemary Essential Oil
5 Drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

(Note: Essential oils can be changed, I use the rosemary oil for additional volumizing properties)
Directions: Mix all ingredients together and place in tightly sealed container.

Next I tried a whipped shea butter and coconut oil conditioner. Once again, the smell wasn’t that sumptuous fragrance that I want my locks to exude, so it will also be going down in the ‘Try and Try Again’. This one was actually pretty nice because it came out almost like a conditioning bar, and my hair actually felt incredibly soft after. It was more like a deep conditioning treatment, but I made a few variations from the original recipe.

Shea Butter & Coconut Conditioning Bar

2 Tbs. Shea Butter (Melted)
1 Tbs. Coconut Oil (Melted)
1 Tbs. Sweet Almond Oil
1 Tbs. Honey
5 drops each of peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus oil

Directions: Mix ingredients together, place in small soap mold or container. Freeze mixture until it becomes a solid.

Because my hair is still wet and I haven’t had a chance to style it, I can’t get a full read on the results of my first run of homemade products. I smell like the inside of a spice cabinet, which isn’t the worst thing, but hopefully I can attain the ever-elusive mermaid locks I’m searching for. Will update soon! Thanks for tuning in.

-Thrifty Herbalist.


Natural Pain Relief Oil

As a bartender and manager I am pretty much always on my feet, which means I often have foot or back pain at the end of a long shift. I avoid pain medication at all costs, and this stuff is the best thing I've found to help ease muscle pain.

Eucalyptus oil has amazing anti inflammatory qualities, and peppermint brings a nice cooling effect to ease pain. Not to mention is smells amazing! My wife and I typically buy pain-a-trate from melaleuca but at $30 a tube it's not always in or budget.

My recipe is
1 tbs coconut oil
3 drops peppermint oil
2-3 drops eucalyptus oil

Simple as that! It smells wonderful and eases pain almost instantly. Combine it with a nice bath and you're in for a relaxing, pain free evening.

Spa Envy

Alright, this one goes out to all my beauty DIYers out there. I was in LUSH the other day staring at the many boxes of candy-colored bath bombs and thought to myself, who has the money to spend $6 per bath? I want luxury, but I’m more on an epsom salt budget – so I decided to make some myself. The total investment wasn’t too bad; citric acid ($3), baking soda, epsom salt, coconut oil, and cornstarch ($1 each at dollar tree), some essential oils from my ever growing collection, bath bomb molds ($2) and some Rose and Green tea leaves from our local Asian market and we were in business. I decided to tie in some aromatherapy to really up the bath time relaxation, and the finished product was pretty great.

In fact, I liked them so much that I decided “This is it, I want to be a bath bomb maker for the rest of my life. Imagine how great it would be if I could just quit my job, move to the coast and make bath bombs for a living..”. My wife quickly wrangled me back to reality and said “Honey, I support this life changing decision just like the 15 other times I’ve heard you say this about various hobbies you’ve found”. Okay, so maybe she’s right, maybe I’m not going to be a bath bomb maker for the rest of my life, but at least I saved a ton of money and prevented myself from going into debt at LUSH.

I used a basic recipe I found online (link below):

And I must say, worth the mess in your bathroom. Total cost for 7 bath bombs was around $9, and the customization is limitless. Beauty DIYers, rejoice!


A Broke Girl’s Guide To Natural Living

We all know the scene: You’re scanning the aisles in Whole Foods picking up a few all-natural, gluten free, cruelty free, organic, non-GMO items on your list and before you know it you’re $137.85 deep. We all want to live a healthier life, but it’s just so. damn. expensive. So I started trying to take matters into my own hands. I have essentially transformed my house into a DIY factory all in an attempt to find the cheapest ways to cut chemicals out of my life. And the best part is, I’ve done so many DIYs that I can tell you what works, and what doesn’t!

So here it is, my ongoing journey to cheap natural living. I hope you all enjoy!